Faith Evangelical Church
Saturday, September 21, 2019
Developing Dedicated Followers of Jesus Christ

Children of Faith

The Children's Ministries of Faith Evangelical Church


For All Ages

At Faith Church we love children.  We truly believe they are gift from God and one of the many evidences of His goodness (Psalm 127:3).  We also believe that God has entrusted children to us so that we might point them to Him.  This is why we have opportunities for children and youth of all ages to learn and grow in their faith and in their knowledge of Jesus.

          Seeds of Faith (0-2 yrs)

Sprouts of Faith (2-4 yrs)

FaithBudz (K-5th)

Extreme Faith Youth Group (6th-12th grade)


Purposeful Ministry

In all of our service to children we have 3 main priorities that are in line with our church’s overall mission:

1. Introduce our children to Jesus.

     Our main goal with the children that God has entrusted to us is to establish them in a viable relationship with Jesus Christ.  After all, Jesus is our only hope in life and in death.  Every conversation and every lesson taught is one step along the way in helping our children understand God’s good news to the world.   

2.      Engage our children with the love of Jesus.

     In every interaction with our children we want to demonstrate the reality of our Savior’s love by modeling it in our words, actions, attitudes and lifestyles.  We ensure that our every volunteer is committed to the physical and spiritual well-being of each child, in order that we might be effective in sharing and showing the love of Jesus.  Whenever possible we include our children in various ministry opportunities in order to exemplify the heart of service to which we are all called.  

3.      Teach our children how to worship Jesus.

     Our hope is that someday in the near future these children we serve will worship alongside us in our corporate gatherings.  For this reason we want to be preparing them to worship God through prayer, song, and instruction, but we also want them to learn that ‘worship’ is not merely what we do on Sunday mornings at church, but that we are called to worship God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and in strength in every aspect of life. 


We believe that God has placed the primary responsibility of spiritual care and biblical instruction on parents.  Therefore, we as a church simply desire to come alongside families in this endeavor, providing them with sufficient tools and means to fulfill their God-given role. 

Guiding Values

 We have several guiding values…

  • Intentionality:  We are more than just childcare.
  • Life Change:  We want to do so much more than pass along information.
  • Gospel-Centrality:  We want to immerse our children in the gospel.
  • Unity:  We want to be united and consistent in all our efforts. 

Safe Environment

In addition, our Teachers and Volunteers all undergo an application process that includes a certified background check.  Additionally, we seek to train our volunteers on a regular basis to underscore our mission and purpose.  We take seriously both the physical and spiritual well being of every child entrusted in our care.